“Sometimes I hear things when I’m doing interviews on live radio that I have to stop and be like WTF.”

July 18, 2020


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Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener16 hours ago
We can’t take a knife to the corruption gunfight.

Government, like business, must recognize that it too must prioritize funding and support of these institutions if it is going to get the results it expects of them.

Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener2 days ago

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🎯 City Power returns to Naturena to disconnect illegal electricity

🎯 Tshwane EMS attends to multiple incidents following Tuesday night’s storm.

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Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener4 days ago
Own Your Role.

A new keynote together with Brent Lindeque.

Conceptualised and designed by Murmur.

The talk every South African should hear.
Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener4 days ago
New Keynote Loading....🎤🎙🎫 and I'm so excited to share this with you!

Own Your Role – How active citizenship can change hope into action

The Good Things Guy Brent Lindeque and I are super excited to launch this joint keynote talk together. Brent is an absolute ray of sunshine - he somehow manages to find the silver lining in everything! His job is literally to find the good news stories in SA.

South Africans are seeking reprieve from the negativity overload in the country – a sluggish economy, massive unemployment, the high cost of living, poor service delivery, widespread corruption, an alarming crime rate.

Citizens are gatvol but are seeking solutions. Hope alone can’t fix what’s broken.

Here's the blurb:

In this uplifting and inspirational keynote, renowned journalist and broadcaster Mandy Wiener and ‘Good Things Guy’ Brent Lindeque, flip the narrative to give you an alternative perspective on the situation in our troubled land. While there is a good dose of reality, they shift the focus to those individuals who are owning their role in society. They tell stories of the ‘hope dealers’, of opportunities in the chaos, the potential of public private partnerships and the necessity for civil society, business and government to contribute to improving the country. Crucially, Mandy and Brent also provide tools to become active citizens. Mandy draws on her decades of experience reporting on the news and Brent brings the good vibes with his infectious patriotism.

This is a talk every South African should hear!

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Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener7 days ago
The power of radio as told in this beautiful piece of writing.

Thank you for such a lovely tribute Deshnee Subramany. And it’s internationally published!

Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener1 week ago
“This is not government’s country. It is South Africa’s country”.

Today I facilitated two incredible panels for SAICA at #Leaderex about Corruption and Whistleblowing.

Panelists included SAICA CEO Freeman Nomvalo, KPMG Chair Prof Wiseman Nkhuhlu, BLSA CEO Prof. Busisiwe Mavuso BUSA's Cas Coovadia, The Whistleblower House's Ben Theron, and SETA chair Mpho Mookapele CA(SA).

All the contributions were excellent but I want to highlight Busisiwe Mavuso’s comments on ‘tone from the top’ in government as they were particularly powerful and resonated – she explained how government sets the tone for a corruption culture in SA.

“This fish called South Africa is rotting from the head and this is the problem we are sitting in. You are sitting in a country where being accused of crime is not embarrassing. You are sitting in a country where you have thieves masquerading as government officials and ministers. You’re sitting in a country where government officials who have been elected to serve the country see nothing wrong with stealing food parcels from the hungry and PPE from the sick and dying and that is a problem. So we are naïve as a country to think you can expect south Africans to do differently when you can’t hold your government to the same issue and that is where this thing has actually fallen apart. You’re experiencing a serious rise in organized crime and extortion.”

Of course I asked her about the SIU’s criticism of BLSA for funding a private investigation into corruption at Eskom. She was vehement that if the private sector were to be asked again to do so, it would.

“Government is not going to allow the private sector to use it when it suits them. When we think we need to intervene as the private sector we are going to intervene. We don’t need their permission. This is not government’s country. It’s South Africa’s country. And if this thing falls apart we are all going to lose…. What the private sector in this country is never going to do in this country is give money to government because as soon as you give the money, it goes into a deep dark hole if we want to help government, give them the resources to be able to do their job. Give them engineers to fix eskom, give them accountants to fix municipalities give them the skills that they require in order to do what they need to do.”
You can watch both panels in full here:




Mandy is one of the country’s best known and most credible journalists and authors. She is the current host of the Midday Report on 702 and Cape Talk and is a regular columnist for News24.

She has published numerous best-selling books and is a prominent social media commentator.

For the past two decades Mandy has worked as a multi award-winning reporter specialising in investigative journalism and legal matters.

Covering stories such as the trial of former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi and the murder of Brett Kebble, she earned a reputation for her work in exposing South Africa’s criminal underworld. These included exposes on Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir, Teazers boss Lolly Jackson and other mysterious murders.



Mandy was short-listed in the prestigious ‘Alan Paton Sunday Times Literary Awards’ for her book, ‘Killing Kebble’ which was a local publishing phenomenon, selling in excess of 100 000 copies. It was also chosen as Jenny Crwys-Williams’ ‘Book of the Year’ in 2011.

Her second book, ‘My Second Initiation’, written with former head of the NPA Vusi Pikoli, was also short-listed for the Alan Paton award and was Crwys-William’s non-fiction book of the year in 2013. In 2014, she published ‘Behind The Door: The Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Story’ with her colleague Barry Bateman.

The book was released internationally and contained new, exclusive information about the trial. Her 2018 book, Ministry of Crime, took a deep dive into organised crime, police corruption and politics. In 2020, Mandy published The Whistleblowers highlighting the stories of several South African whistleblowers and advocating for a change in legislation and culture.



Mandy is a regular feature on the speaking circuit. She addresses conferences, corporates and gatherings and also facilitates panels and discussions with a unique perspective on current affairs and how history unfolds in South Africa.

She focuses on ‘Hope Dealers’: the good people who did their jobs, the whistleblowers who felt compelled to speak truth to power, the civil society activists who stepped into the breach and the journalists who dug up the dirt to hold authorities to account.

There are lessons in these stories for corporates and for individuals on what needs to be done to improve governance, to change legislation and to create a speak-up culture in order to root out corruption. Most importantly these stories will inspire the audience not to be apathetic or complacent, but to fight for a better South Africa.



Thanks to her extensive background in media and journalism, Mandy has gained a lifetime of insight into how best to handle interviews and media.

In personalised training sessions, she offers theory and practical training, covering topics such as the SA media landscape, messaging for media, media rights and how to deal with journalists and crisis communications. Sessions also include training on writing for media, including thought leadership and opinion pieces. Click the button below to book Mandy for media training.



Mandy has won a number of National and Regional Vodacom ‘Journalist of the Year’ awards, has been named ‘The CNN African Radio Journalist of the Year’ and has received several commendations in the Webber Wentzel ‘Legal Journalist of the Year’ awards.

In addition, she has received the National Press Club award in the Radio Category and the Social Media category and was awarded the ‘Rising Star – Women in the Media’ award in 2011.

On the writing front, Mandy was short-listed in the prestigious ‘Alan Paton Sunday Times Literary Awards’ for her book, ‘Killing Kebble’ which was a local publishing phenomenon, selling in excess of 100 000 copies. It was also chosen as Jenny Crwys-Williams’ ‘Book of the Year’ in 2011. Mandy’s second book, ‘My Second Initiation’, written with former head of the NPA Vusi Pikoli, was also short-listed for the Alan Paton award and was Crwys-William’s non-fiction book of the year in 2013. Ministry of Crime was long-listed for the Alan Paton.


Killing Kebble

A gritty, fast-paced chronicle of how one death blew the lid off Johannesburg’s shadowy underworld.

The Whistleblowers

Raw and evocative accounts of South Africa’s whistleblowers, told in their own voices and from their own perspectives.

My Second Initiation

This memoir traces Pikoli’s journey from his graduation to manhood, to his experience in the corridors of government.

Behind The Door

Behind the Door is a compelling narrative that unpacks the true facts of the Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp story.

Ministry of Crime

Ministry of Crime examines the nexus between organised crime figures, corrupt police officials and powerful politicians.