“Sometimes I hear things when I’m doing interviews on live radio that I have to stop and be like WTF.”

July 18, 2020


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Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener5 days ago
BREAKING Oscar Pistorius has been placed on parole, effective 5 January.
Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener6 days ago
It seems Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni has sent her colleagues into damage control mode this week with her senseless comments about the private sector trying to collapse the government.

But it also seems she is living in a parallel universe to the one the rest of us South Africans are residing in.

Three major reports came out in the last week that tell a very different story....

Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener1 week ago
If you are interested in how and why writers write, then The Hidden Lives of Writers Podcast is a fabulous listen. Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel are working writers - and their favourite people are writers. They invited me to speak about all things writing for the latest episode. Gail is relentlessly trying to convince me to write a crime novel so there is a lot of that! I also speak about how I write, my process and what may be next.

Listen here:
Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener2 weeks ago
It’s voter registration weekend 🗳️❌

If you care about this country, please check if you are registered or go and get yourself signed up to vote in next years election.

If you have a young person in your life, please get them registered. If you are a young person, please get registered.

My column this week is about how to get young people to vote. I argue we need representation - more young politicians that resonate with the electorate.

We have a massive gap on the voters roll and it’s crucial that we get it fixed.
Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener2 weeks ago
Confronting my childhood trauma today and throwing it all in with the Proteas as they take on Australia in the World Cup semi final. You've got this! May the rain Gods be with us today. They owe us one. But we have the talent and the skill to win it on merit.
Mandy Wiener
Mandy Wiener2 weeks ago
Today I delivered a keynote at The Financial Planning Institute of SA's convention. The theme was Back to The Future.

This excellent summary of what I said from Kobus Kleyn:

At The Financial Planning Institute SA Professions's Convention, Mandy Wiener’s inspiring talk, “The Fight for South Africa 🇿🇦 “ She did her best to Finding the Silver Linings in the Rainbow Nation, and highlighted the resilience of South Africa but also emphasised the critical role of whistleblowers and entrepreneurs in steering our nation towards a brighter future.

Wiener's speech was an eye-opener, and her view on the complexities of South Africa's current socio-political landscape. She acknowledged the 'hailstorm' – our nation's struggles with governance, corruption, and socio-economic disparities. Yet, amidst these challenges, she encouraged us to see beyond the dark clouds, focusing on the silver linings that give us hope.

A part of her talk was dedicated to the unsung heroes of our society – the whistleblowers. These brave individuals often risk their safety and careers to expose wrongdoing, playing an indispensable role in maintaining transparency and accountability. Mandy emphasised the need for robust mechanisms to protect these courageous voices. Their contributions not only uphold the integrity of our institutions but also pave the way for positive change.

Wiener celebrated the 'can-do' spirit of South African entrepreneurs. These innovators and visionaries are redefining the country's narrative, proving that from the grassroots level, real change is possible. Their resilience, creativity, and drive are essential in transforming our nation's economy and social fabric. These entrepreneurs are not just business leaders, they are the architects of a new, more prosperous South Africa.

The talk also highlighted the importance of public-private sector partnerships. In a nation like ours, collaboration between the government and private entities is vital for sustainable development and inclusive growth. Such partnerships can harness the strengths of both sectors, leading to more effective solutions to our nation's most pressing challenges.

Wiener's address was a powerful call to action. She urged us to recognize the potential within each South African and the collective power we hold. By supporting whistleblowers, nurturing our entrepreneurs, and fostering public-private collaborations, we can change the narrative of our country.

Mandy’s insightful talk at the FPI Convention was not just an analysis of the current state of South Africa but a rallying cry for action. As we navigate the complexities of our nation, let's protect the brave, support the innovative, and collaborate for the common good. Together, we can ensure that after every storm, our rainbow nation shines brighter than ever!



Mandy is one of the country’s best known and most credible journalists and authors. She is the current host of the Midday Report on 702 and Cape Talk and is a regular columnist for News24.

She has published numerous best-selling books and is a prominent social media commentator.

For the past two decades Mandy has worked as a multi award-winning reporter specialising in investigative journalism and legal matters.

Covering stories such as the trial of former national police commissioner Jackie Selebi and the murder of Brett Kebble, she earned a reputation for her work in exposing South Africa’s criminal underworld. These included exposes on Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir, Teazers boss Lolly Jackson and other mysterious murders.



Mandy was short-listed in the prestigious ‘Alan Paton Sunday Times Literary Awards’ for her book, ‘Killing Kebble’ which was a local publishing phenomenon, selling in excess of 100 000 copies. It was also chosen as Jenny Crwys-Williams’ ‘Book of the Year’ in 2011.

Her second book, ‘My Second Initiation’, written with former head of the NPA Vusi Pikoli, was also short-listed for the Alan Paton award and was Crwys-William’s non-fiction book of the year in 2013. In 2014, she published ‘Behind The Door: The Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Story’ with her colleague Barry Bateman.

The book was released internationally and contained new, exclusive information about the trial. Her 2018 book, Ministry of Crime, took a deep dive into organised crime, police corruption and politics. In 2020, Mandy published The Whistleblowers highlighting the stories of several South African whistleblowers and advocating for a change in legislation and culture.



Mandy is a regular feature on the speaking circuit. She addresses conferences, corporates and gatherings and also facilitates panels and discussions with a unique perspective on current affairs and how history unfolds in South Africa.

She focuses on ‘Hope Dealers’: the good people who did their jobs, the whistleblowers who felt compelled to speak truth to power, the civil society activists who stepped into the breach and the journalists who dug up the dirt to hold authorities to account.

There are lessons in these stories for corporates and for individuals on what needs to be done to improve governance, to change legislation and to create a speak-up culture in order to root out corruption. Most importantly these stories will inspire the audience not to be apathetic or complacent, but to fight for a better South Africa.



Thanks to her extensive background in media and journalism, Mandy has gained a lifetime of insight into how best to handle interviews and media.

In personalised training sessions, she offers theory and practical training, covering topics such as the SA media landscape, messaging for media, media rights and how to deal with journalists and crisis communications. Sessions also include training on writing for media, including thought leadership and opinion pieces. Click the button below to book Mandy for media training.



Mandy has won a number of National and Regional Vodacom ‘Journalist of the Year’ awards, has been named ‘The CNN African Radio Journalist of the Year’ and has received several commendations in the Webber Wentzel ‘Legal Journalist of the Year’ awards.

In addition, she has received the National Press Club award in the Radio Category and the Social Media category and was awarded the ‘Rising Star – Women in the Media’ award in 2011.

On the writing front, Mandy was short-listed in the prestigious ‘Alan Paton Sunday Times Literary Awards’ for her book, ‘Killing Kebble’ which was a local publishing phenomenon, selling in excess of 100 000 copies. It was also chosen as Jenny Crwys-Williams’ ‘Book of the Year’ in 2011. Mandy’s second book, ‘My Second Initiation’, written with former head of the NPA Vusi Pikoli, was also short-listed for the Alan Paton award and was Crwys-William’s non-fiction book of the year in 2013. Ministry of Crime was long-listed for the Alan Paton.


Killing Kebble

A gritty, fast-paced chronicle of how one death blew the lid off Johannesburg’s shadowy underworld.

The Whistleblowers

Raw and evocative accounts of South Africa’s whistleblowers, told in their own voices and from their own perspectives.

My Second Initiation

This memoir traces Pikoli’s journey from his graduation to manhood, to his experience in the corridors of government.

Behind The Door

Behind the Door is a compelling narrative that unpacks the true facts of the Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp story.

Ministry of Crime

Ministry of Crime examines the nexus between organised crime figures, corrupt police officials and powerful politicians.